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Your website represents your brand and communicates on your behalf with the outside world 24/7. Is your website appropriately speaking for you? We will create a distinguished website for you that does.

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We are a  leading full service one-stop IT and digital online marketing firm that would like to be your partner to build a successful bridge to grow your business and accomplish all your goals.

We will be an extension of your existing team and will make your job simpler and easier by taking over “ALL” of your IT and digital marketing needs so you can just focus on your day to day business.

Gain a Dedicated Full Service Virtual IT & Marketing Team –  

We will securely host your website and will completely take over the following IT and digital marketing responsibilities for you:

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DSF Space

Professional Audit Reports

Keyword research and analysis is one of the most important parts of your on-line marketing. You cannot start an advertising campaign without knowing your target audience and keywords you want to rank for. Your website foundation should be strategically built around your selected keywords.

Let us work with you and create this important document.

You need to find out who your competitors are and why they are winning the organic search visibility in your market. Let’s create a detailed competitor analysis report to uncover their proven strategies and gather the following information:

  • Identify their primary target keywords on their home, product and services pages
  • Find out their current Google Ranking
  • Discover the average monthly search volume on Google for their keywords
  • Determine competitiveness of their ranking keywords

All of your website pages should be optimized to not only attract your own visitors but it should also speak the search engines language. You must score high for both of them to rank high on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). Let us perform the following:

  • Crawl website to determine what pages are indexed
  • Define website Architecture so we can organize and prioritize the website pages
  • Review URLs, Page Titles, and Page descriptions
  • Check website Load time
  • Compress and optimize images with Alt Tags

How is your website’s perception to your visitors and search engines? Are you getting backlinks from quality sites? Is your website mentioned on other sites and social media networks? Do you have a blog page on your website?

Let us develop a strategic Off-Page Optimization plan for you to expand your brand outside your own website.

You do not need a generic SEO Report – You need a professional SEO Analysis customized specifically for your business.

Digital Solutions Firm will perform a comprehensive technical audit on your website from your visitors and search engines prospective.

We will identify and develop a structured listing of all the problems discovered with detailed roadmap to improve your website for all visitors and search engines.

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Our Process

We will talk one-on-one to thoroughly understand your business goals and objectives. To start this process we will fill out our questionnaire template and will create a detailed customized business requirements document for you.

This is the most challenging and important phase of our process and partnership. We must get this phase right to be successful and with our expertise we are certain we will.

It is very important to remember the wise words of Benjamin Franklin:  “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

Once we have created a complete business requirements document that represents all of your business goals and objectives, our team will create a customized high-level and low-level design documents.

These documents will describe how each and every feature in the project should work and how it will be accomplished. We will share the high-level design document with you to ensure all of your business goals and objectives are covered.

At this is stage we will use the signed-off high-level and low-level design documents to actually start the development and building the digital and technical solutions.

In order to provide quality solutions, the testing phase of our process is very important. We test our solution against both the design and business requirements documents. When feasible we perform all of the following testing:

  • Unit Testing
  • System Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

We ensure our solutions fully meet your business goals and objectives.

After successful testing, the project is delivered/deployed to our customers to use. Once the project is released into production the post production team will take over the monitoring and maintenance tasks.

In this ongoing phase, the project will be constantly monitored by our team to ensure it is running properly. Bugs and defects discovered in Production will be logged and fixed ASAP.